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LASERwrap® is a game changer. A wearable LASER therapy area treatment, disbursed 24-7

Professional athletes and their trainers have utilized laser therapy for several years to reduce pain, improve mobility, speed recovery, and reduce the risk of injury. Professional and student athletes along with active individuals push themselves to perform, often resulting in sore muscles and injuries. Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap® is FDA-cleared to safely improve circulation and reduce joint pain and muscle spasms.

LASERwrap® covers the extremity, able to treat the entire area of concern. Because it is wearable, it provides unattended repetitive treatments day and night that most effectively improve circulation. The wrap is completely wireless, reusable, and machine washable. It works on the bench, in the locker room, on the bus, and in the hotel, providing treatments automatically. The treatment cycles on and off every 30 minutes, delivering ongoing therapy during a 1 to 2-hour period, or even overnight.

Prepare, Perform, Recover

Use LASERwrap® to prepare for a game, improve performance, prevent injury, and recover.

Prepare. Wearing the LASERwrap® for 1-2 hours before an event will deliver 3-4 treatments, which will invigorate metabolism and relax the muscles. You will achieve higher levels of performance and reduce the risk of injury, because your muscles are relaxed and charged with oxygen.

Perform. LASERwrap® is a safe, effective, drug-free and non-invasive treatment with no adverse side effects to keep the athlete in the game at peak performance. LASERwrap® helps your performance by improving blood flow and circulation, charging the muscles with oxygen, which results in increased speed, agility and range of motion. The treatment also reduces joint pain, even for those with arthritis.

Recover. Application of LASERwrap® after an event will help to flush lactic acid out of your extremities, and reduce muscle soreness on the drive home. When injuries and trauma happen, it is important to get fast and proper treatment for a quick recovery. Use of LASERwrap® immediately will help keep the swelling down and minimize recovery time. Wear the wrap overnight to receive 16 treatments each night. In a few days, you should be sleeping and walking with minimal pain.

Coaches, make sure you have LASERwrap® kits on hand, to keep your team playing strong all season!


"Since I have been using the wearable LASERwrap® my recovery time is extremely fast. I am able to continue doing my training every day by applying the laser before and after training from one area to another. I can wear the laser while cleaning the house, sleeping and other routine activities." Jackie, Kissamee, Florida - Iron Man Race Competitor

"I sprained both ankles playing hockey and did not want to miss a game. I used the laser on both ankles and was back on the ice in a few days!" High School Hockey Player- Okemos, Michigan

"Our 9 year old son, Collin, had been limping pretty bad afer a soccer practice on a Thursday. After a visit to see Dr Sarah Tietsort for an adjustment , she suggested he try th eSpectra Therapy LASERwrap . After a night of wearing the laser he didn't have anymore pain andwas able to play at 100% for both of his games overthe weekend" - Evan Winters , Dad

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