The LASERwrap® Advantage Drug Free Treatment

One wrap – many applications

Spectra Therapy has revolutionized the proven technology of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) by making it wearable and automated throughout the day and night. Our wearable 24-7 laser wrap delivers the healing power of laser energy while on the go, traveling to and from an event, at work, or at home. It is designed to treat the entire area of concern, including the extremities, head, neck, back, and chest.

LASERwrap® gets fast effective results by relieving pain, improving circulation, promoting the healing of damaged tissues, and helping the body’s lymphatic system cleanse and flush toxins. The impulse laser unit provides up to 17 repeated treatments every half hour, night and day, to improve circulation dramatically. In comparison, most laser clinics provide a single treatment, usually in a series of spots, ¼” to 2” in diameter. The blood at those spots will begin to flow and provide some pain relief, but within a few hours, it will clog, the pain will return, and healing waits for your next treatment. With LASERwrap®, most acute or chronic conditions require 48 to 72 hours of treatment to correct or begin to correct the problem.

Our device is manufactured in the USA (Michigan), and is FDA-cleared for personal use, whether at home, work, on the go, at an event, or for chronic or emergency use when acute injuries occur.

Ten MORE Reasons to Choose Spectra Therapy’s LASERwrap® Over Any Other Laser or Therapeutic Device:

  1. Safe, drug-free therapy with no known side effects.
  2. Simple to use and quick to apply – at home or in the office, LASERwrap® is an easy, convenient laser therapy that most anyone can apply.
  3. Holistic and effective – LASERwrap® delivers treatment to the point of interest PLUS the ENTIRE surrounding area.
  4. No attendant required – LASERwrap® is hands free. WEARABLE design frees you up to tend to other things or used in the care of others.
  5. Dispenses treatments automatically – LASERwrap® is programmed for therapeutic treatment cycles, turning itself off and on for multiple treatments.
  6. Programmable – the laser unit stores two treatment programs.
  7. Portable – LASERwrap® is lightweight and easily stored. Get laser treatments when and where you need them.
  8. No cords, wires, or gels – no mess or dangerous cords.
  9. Washable – pads and wraps are machine washable.
  10. Affordable and cost-effective – Product is paid for in less than 10 treatments. Consider you normally visit a chiropractor and therapist 8 times, for treatments over a 4-week period. With LASERwrap®, your condition may improve in 2 to 3 days. With less atrophy, you feel better sooner.

Orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, pain clinics, and cosmetic surgeons all are equipping their offices with laser therapy equipment because of its outstanding benefit to increase circulation quickly. This speeds healing, lowers edema, and offers prompt reduction of pain caused by muscles spasms, sprains, strains, stress.

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"I have been using Spectra Therapy lasers in my office for over a year now. They benefit my patients and my family. They improve circulation by decreasing the density of the blood and increasing the oxygenation of the blood. I was introduced to Spectra Therapy Lasers by a friend who uses them daily on horses she rehabilitated. I saw some amazing results involving the healing of tendons, muscles and open wounds in a short period of time. I have been so impressed with the results." -Dr. Sarah Tiestor: Chiropractor-Okemos Michigan

"LASERwrap eliminated pain from seven patients in less than a week to ten days, that had been fighting neuropathy & plantar faciitis conditions from six months to two years. Good news for lower extremity diabetic patients with wounds on the bottom of their feet, LASERwrap and LASERpad healed decubitus wounds in two weeks versus 4-5 months using conventional debridement methods." -Dr. Chris Chappel MD-Geriatrics Clinical Director-20 Nursing Homes Kissammee, Florida

FDA Cleared Drug Free Made in Americ

The information on this website is not intented to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified doctor.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: This therapy apparatus is contraindicated in pregnancy and patients with cancer or internal hemorrhaging.

Spectra Therapy

In the convenience of your own home, at work, in the car or most anywhere, Wearable LASERwrap® provides you with advanced laser technology at a fraction of the cost of office-based laser therapy.  Requires no time spent traveling or in an office visit and can provide immediate treatments that are automatic and repetitive.