Spectra Therapy Water’s Edge
Spectra Therapy

Treat the problem and the pain...

Promotes healing of both acute and chronic inflammatory issues without the use of anti-inflammatory or pain medicine with repetitive automatic treatments day and night. Hear the Doctor's Findings

Spectra Therapy

One LASERwrap® - many applications!

Laser Therapy can improve race performance. It charges muscles with oxygen and reduces joint and muscle pain without drugs. Hear from the Iron Man Athlete

Spectra Therapy

Treat the problem and the pain...

Wounds healed in 3 weeks vs 6+ months, no drugs. Hear from the Wound Nurse

Spectra Therapy

A wearable solution to a daily problem

In the car, at home or at work, LASERwrap® has it covered. Hear from the Trainer

LASERwrap® Benefits Drug Free Treatment

The LASERwrap® works effectively on a number of conditions that can cause pain and require healing. We have developed a variety of LASERwrap® products to fit any area of the body. All LASERwraps are powered by the same impulse unit, which has two simple settings. For some conditions, just a few hours of treatment will address your problem. For others, overnight treatment is required for a good night’s sleep to help jump-start your recovery. The LASERwrap® can also be used repetitively to enhance healing and pain relief as needed.

  • Recover faster with less pain
  • Improve circulation
  • Take the pain out of joints and charge muscles with oxygen
  • Improve quality of life by increasing agility and range of motion
  • Safe and effective with no known side effects
  • Advanced laser technology anywhere and anytime at an affordable price

Can Pain-Free Be a Reality?

LASERwrap® reduces pain and promotes healing by improving circulation. When you have an injury or condition, pain is the body's means to signal that blood flow is inhibited. Why wait for nature to run its course over weeks or use ice temporarily when you can begin the healing process immediately with wearable LASERwrap®. Feel better and minimize pain in a few hours and then continue treatments automatically all night long to awaken refreshed on on your way to recovery.

When applied to the problem areas, laser therapy causes blood cells to separate, which allows lymphocytes to flow into the damaged area. The positive light energy from the laser increases circulation, lymphocyte and blood flow, and oxygen to stimulate healing (called vasodilation) and lessen pain. As blood flow increases to peripheral tissues, the small blood vessels expand, allowing greater flow of oxygen and nutrients to be delivered through the capillary network. In humans, it also regulates temperature by allowing increased blood flow to the skin (flushing), which gets rid of excess heat. This turns the skin a fleshy color once stabilized, versus pinkish (inflamed) or blueish (no oxygen), and then pain subsides.

You can treat any area of concern day and night for quicker recovery and to lessen pain overnight. This will also minimize atrophy based on the severity of the acute condition. You will feel the difference after a few convenient treatments.


Success Stories

“This product has endless indications for anyone – from the injured weekend warrior who wants to return to work to the professional athlete who needs to return to competition. I am surprised that it is not a part of the first aid kit in every household, or in the training room of every college or professional sports team.” – Dr. Chris Chappel, Medical Director, FPA Clinical Research

Money Back Guarantee

Wearable LASERwrap® comes with a Money Back Guarantee. Try it for 60 days and if you are not completely satisfied, you can return it.

LASERwrap® reduces pain and promotes healing by improving circulation with laser therapy. LASERwrap helps with issues related to Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Diabetic Wound Care, Neuropathy, Postpartum Care, joint pain, muscle spasms, stiffness, swelling and more